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Filmmaking is the culmination of every art form developed across history since the dawn of man -
working together in a holographic interplay,
born of the capturing of just a single spark of the infinite light permeating universal mind thought,
and translated through blue laser light as encoded data
to be matrix decoded back into wavelengths of sound and light;
emitted electronically and then absorbed
by the sensory abilities of the audience human through their eyes and ears,
to carry chemical signals to the brain,
sparking nuerotransmitters to propogate an electromagnetic thought wave.

To direct a truly successful film is to be the juggler of every art form,
with hands in the air while feet traverse skillfully the financial, legal, and political terrain;
amongst artist friends, for a gain of all,
including also the financial profit for you, in however many are defined as you,
the true creative satisfaction of every member of your collaborative team,
and the metaphysical evolution of your audience.

To hold all of this, with the simultaneous acceptance that you as that "self" do not even exist at all,
is to play the child in the sandbox of godliness.

                                                                                                                                                                         - dRagoNfly

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