Int'l Aurora Award receiving
"Platinum Best of Show for Creative
- Achievement in Audio Design" for
short “The Receipt”, that ran in
competition for the
2005 Academy Awards.



Lisa K. Fowle, motion picture sound designer, is engineer and owner of Dragonfly Sound, LLC in Los Angeles, CA. Her early career experiences include a prestigious internship at George Lucas's Skywalker Sound where she worked under legendary sound designer/re-recording mixer Gary Rydstrom on Pixar animations "Toy Story 2" and "For the Birds", and also under the music supervisor on "Fight Club". Lisa graduated Cum Laude from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree for interdisciplinary majors in Media Arts, Music, and Theatre Tech, with a minor area in Biophysics. She was in the Honors College, inducted into the Phi Eta Sigma National Honors Society (PES), and has gone on to participate in the industry as a member of the Society for Composers and Lyricists (SCL), the Audio Engineering Society (AES), and the Motion Picture Editor's Guild.

Due to her childhood love of the book series, one of Lisa's most satisfying projects was to create 5.1 sound (including original voice, sfx, and the selection and editing of music from the score) for the Blu Ray menu content of Disney's "Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" . Other prominent companies Lisa has worked with include Warner Bros Records, LEGO, Vuguru, and the National Resources Defense Council , with shows that have aired on ABC, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Outdoor Channel, Discovery Channel , and HD Movie Channel . She has also created ad sound for products such as Microsoft, Nokia, Mountain Dew/Call of Duty and Nissan as well as for theatrical releases including "World's Greatest Dad" starring Robin Williams, and "How The Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer" which was voted Best Audience Award in Dramatic Competition at the 2005 Sundance Festival.

Wearing multiple hats as a sound designer, sound supervisor, and re-recording mixer, Lisa has completed over 100 titles including live action, animation, and documentary feature films; tv shows; live theatre; interactive video games; as well as short format media including commercials, movie trailers, and short films. dRagoNfly has been invited to share her inspiration as a guest speaker at the Arizona International Film Festival and as a guest teacher for the UCLA Directing Workshop and Film Scoring courses. Her voice can be heard as characters in China's first 3D animated feature film "Animen: Triton Force" ; the intro animation for Microsoft's Lotus software; computer voices in various sci-fi films; as well as soprano vocals in the score of a few award-winning indie horror films.

As the Project Manager and Sound Designer at PCB Productions on multiple AAA game titles including Marvel Comic's "Iron Man", Sega's "Golden Axe", and three consecutive years of THQ's "WWE Smackdown vs Raw", she was not only responsible for designing and mixing sound for the games but also for managing audio director Keith Arem's sound design team, key interfacing with the animation team, brainstorming implementation with overseas programmers through video conferencing to Japan, and for ultimately delivering content to multiple game engine platforms including PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Wii.

Although she collaborates on a dynamic spread of film genres such as sci-fi, comedy, horror, fantasy, and drama, her true passion is in social and earth conscious media. Unique among engineers, Lisa approaches sound design much like a DP approaches the visual concept of a film, with detailed analysis and attention to the narrative arc, to create a soundscape with emotional impact that informs the audience on both intelligent, symbolic, and subconscious levels.

As a child she was a published poet and political essayist, and is excited to be finally combining her original passions of music and photography into the production of a debut solo album, with the aim to create brain entrainment music that uses specific frequencies and beats to shift the listeners' brainwaves to a level similarly used in shamanistic meditation. She will be drawing from her early experiences as a soprano soloist in the children's choir, grade school piano lessons, high school experimentation with guitar, bass, and french horn, and her current interest in hypnotic middle eastern drumming and the Japanese shakuahachi, and combining it with psychoacoustic research, to propose the highly beneficial neurological implications of frequency specific soundscapes for the brain to achieve elevated states of consciousness.

- Nickelodeon series  Supervising Sound Editor / Co-Designer of the LEGO Bionicle animated series "Hero Factory" with Lotus Post for Threshold Animation Studios

- MTV series  Re-Recording Mixer / Sound Editor of "Jason Derulo - The Walk to Fame", an inspiring Warner Records webisode series showing how this young, talented singing/dancing/ acting star was born.

- Theatrical Screening Sundance Festival 2009  Sound Designer of "World's Greatest Dad", an uncomfortably hilarious dark comedy starring Robin Williams, written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait

- DVD and Blu Ray Summer Release   Sound Designer of "Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" DVD and Blu Ray menu content with Dan Brock at Georgopoulos Design. The Disney film is based on the children's novel series by author C. S. Lewis, now in theatres

- Game Release May 2nd  Project Manager and Sound Designer of "Iron Man" VG for PlayStation 3 and X-Box 360 with PCB Productions. The Sega game is based on Marvel Studios' Iron Man film starring Robert Downey Jr. now in theatres

- Theatrical Release May 2nd "Graduation", directed by Mike Mayer and distributed by Magnolia Pictures.
My involvement in this film started when I was hired by producer Bob Degus (Pleasantville) to step in as the Music ProTools Engineer supporting composer Brian Ralston during the theatrical mix at Wilshire Stages, but then grew into being hired to do Additional Sound Design when the original designer Martin Lopez ( SpiderMan, Twister) was unavailable to return for a recut. During the design, director Mayor was so excited about the work that my involvement then grew into becoming an additional Re-recording Mixer, producing our final mix on the dvd soundtrack.

- Theatrical Release May 16th "How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer", directed by Georgina Riedel and distributed by Maya Releasing. Director Riedel and I are fellow BFA alumni of the U of A Media Arts Department. 3 years my senior, she was already established as an independent filmmaker in Hollywood when I arrived just in time for their post phase with editor Sean Olson, another fellow BFA alumni, who I had worked with while a student, who welcomed me back into their filmmaking family after graduating. I happily joined as Music and Sound Editor and attended the film's debut in Dramatic Competition at Sundance 2005. I was also invited with the team as a guest speaker at the Arizona Int'l Festival. Garcia Girls has gleaned 3 wins in international festivals including Paris and Rotterdam.

- Theatrical Screening Cannes Festival 2008   Sound Supervisor and Designer of Pearry Teo's "The Gene Generation"
A dark, beautiful, industrial-soundtracked cyberpunk film starring Bai Ling. Distribution info coming soon...

- Recently asked to join Pearry Teo as the Co-Creative Director of his graphic novel "DNA Hacker Chronicles"

- Project Manager of "WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008" VG for PlayStation 3 and X-Box 360 with PCB Productions

- Brought on to help produce internationally award-winning 3D animation team Aoineko, who are in pre-production for feature film "Kitaru"

- Approached by Bob Degus, producer of Pleasantville, to join pre-production as sound designer of his next feature directing project.

- Expanded the studio to a 5.1 surround mixing room featuring a ProTools HD3 workstation, G5, Control|24 console, and digital image projection.

- Studio relocated onto the stage of the former California Cottage Theatre, founded by actor/opera singer Roy Brocksmith. "The "Cottage" was unique in that it was the only professional theater in the country under AEA jurisdiction for presentations in a private home."- Los Angeles Times
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